Aquatope of White Sand Gets Second Trailer, July 8 Premiere

P.A. Works’ upcoming new anime Aquatope of White Sand has received a second trailer and a July 8 premiere date.

The new trailer shows off more scenes of heroines Kukuru Umisakino and Fūka Miyazawa, as well as previewing the voices of supporting characters Karin Kudaka, Tsukimi Teruya, Kūya Yakamashi, and Kai Nakamura. Additionally, it previews the opening song “Tayutae, Nanairo” by ARCANA PROJECT.

Aquatope of White Sand was announced in January and received its first trailer in April. The original anime follows high school girl Kukuru, who works at Gamagama Aquarium. Kukuru loves the aquarium, which faces closure and has mysterious happenings going on. One day, she meets Fūka, a former idol who fled from Tokyo to Okinawa and requests to work at the aquarium.

The anime’s staff includes Yūko Kakihara (Chihayafuru 3) as series composer, U35 (Lapis Re:LiGHTS) as character draft designer, Yuki Akiyama (Iroduku: The World in Colors) as character designer and chief animation director, Kurumi Suzuki (The Day I Became a God) as art director, Naomi Nakano (Kemono Jihen) as color designer, Satoshi Namiki (Appare-Ranman!) as photography director, and Yoshiaki Dewa (Iroduku: The World in Colors) as music composer. 

Meanwhile, the cast includes Miku Itō as Kukuru, Rikako Aida as Fuka, Azumi Waki as Tsukimi, Lynn as Karin, Yōhei Azakami as Kūya, and Shinba Tsucha as Kai.

Source: DMM pictures YouTube channel

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