Chart Recap: Anime Trending Weekly Charts for Week #8 of the Spring 2021 Anime Season

Fruits Basket almost swept the whole list of Anime Trending Charts this week, with the exception of the Top Anime Charts where Vivy: Flourite Eye’s Song sit on top. Had Fruits Basket swept the charts this week, it would already be the second time that it did so just within this season. Sweeping all the regular four charts of Anime Trending is very rare. The last one to do it is Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World-, which occupied all the top spots of the charts release on the 11th and final week of Winter 2021. Before Re:Zero – no anime has done it yet. 

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This is the first time ‘Vivy’ has occupied the top spot of the anime charts this season. Vivy’s win this week is crucial for its chances of still winning the ‘Anime of the Season’ (AOTS) title if based on the statistical history of anime winning the seasonal major title as no anime has ever won AOTS without at least winning once before the 9th week of the season. The anime who holds the record of topping the charts late but still winning AOTS in the end is Zombie Land Saga – who’s sequel currently sits at #8 this week.

At the same time this week though, Vivy lost the top spot of the female charts and fell to #4 as Tohru Honda (Fruits Basket) reclaims and occupies it for the third time this season. 4 of the 5 nomination spots for this season’s representatives for ‘Girl of the Year’ in the 8th Anime Trending Awards appears to have already solidified and all eyes are now on who’s going to be the fifth girl to qualify for the said title from this season. This week, Emilico (Shadows House) goes back to the 5th spot of the female rankings, leading over its other potential rivals for the last nomination spot who are Hinata Tachibana (Tokyo Revengers), Ichika Arima (Koikimo), and Nagatoro (Don’t Toy with me, Miss Nagatoro) – who drops to #8 yet again.

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As Tohru goes, so does Kyo. Kyo Souma replicates what Honda did as he also reclaims the top spot of the male rankings this week. This is also his third time at the top and he topples Shinei Nouzen (86 –EIGHTY SIX) who only had reached the top spot last week for the first time this season. Looking at the Top 10 Male Rankings as whole, Tokyo Revengers appears to be the actual dominant anime as it occupies three of the Top 10 spots, courtesy of Manjirou Sano, Takemichi Hanagaki, and the latest addition of Ken Ryuuguuji.

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Honda and Souma continue their historical winning streak, which is now extended to six weeks in this week’s couple-ship charts. With them already sealing for good the best couple title of the season, all eyes are now on who’s going to win the 2nd place. Ryo Amakusa and Ichika Arima (Koikimo) occupies that runner-up this week, followed by Hanagaki and Tachibana (Tokyo Revengers). The ships battling for the last two nomination spots for Couple-Ship of the Year seems to now have also solidified with Naoto and Nagatoro (Don’t Toy with me Nagatoro) joining the competition. Albert Hawke and Sei Takanashi (The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent) though might still have a chance to catch up to the race as they move by two spots to #4 this week from their previous ranking of #6. It all depends on how they perform in the last three remaining weeks of the charts this season.

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