Sci-Fi Action Anime Shikizakura Gets Trailer, Visual, October Release Date

Original sci-fi action anime Shikizakura, which is promoted as being an anime from Nagoya and the Tōkai region, has received a new trailer and visual, as well as an October release date. The trailer previews the opening song “BELIEVE MYSELF” by Asaka, who is from Nagoya.

The show’s 2021 release window was announced back in 2019 along with a teaser trailer. May’n is singing the ending song.

The staff includes Shinya Sugai (Dragon’s Dogma director) as chief director, Gō Kurosaki (Love Live! Sunshine!! CG director) as director, Storyriders’s Naruki Nagakawa (Scared Rider Xechs) as series composer, K&K Design’s Inoue Ryōga as original designer, and Yostar Pictures’ Manabu Nakatake (Sket Dance) as character designer. Sublimation Inc., which has two studios in Nagoya, is in charge of the animation production.

Meanwhile, the cast includes as Yūdai Noda as Kakeru Miwa, Miho Mashiro as Ōka Myōjin, Daisuke Nakamoto as Kippei Nagatsu, Shoto Mizukami as Ryō Hattori, Eri Sakazaki as Kaede Naruse, Natsuki Ochiai as Haruko Yamada, and Shingo Yoneyama as Ibara. The Nagoya-based TYK Promotion held auditions for the cast, and there was also an audition for an English-speaking role at AnimeExpo 2019.

Shikizakura will have 12 30-minute episodes. It has a manga adaptation by Hayato Aoki. The story involves humans using powered suits called Yoroi to battle Oni.

Source: Shikizakura YouTube channel

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