Cygames Announces Project GAMM Action Game on Console

Cygames announced a new original action fantasy game titled Project GAMM for console. Teaser screenshots and the main staff were revealed. 

Director/Producer: Kenichiro Takaki 
Character Designer: Mogumo
Composer: Shiro Sagisu 
Environment Designer: Kiyoshi Arai (RED HOUSE Co., Ltd.)

Kenichiro Takaki is known as the creator of the video game series Senran Kagura. Takaki and the main staff shared comments about Project GAMM. 

From Kenichiro Takaki: 

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have had so many opportunities to present original works to the world, and have developed a strong sense of love and passion for each and everyone along the way.

So how can I continue to evolve in this ever-changing world? What do I truly want to create at this point in time, and have I been able to bring the magical games I dreamed of as a child into being? Will I be able to get even a little closer to a future that will thrill game fans? And can I keep giving my very best in all my endeavors? I’d like to share my answers to those questions through Project GAMM.

We’re still in the process of creating and polishing each fascinating character day by day, but the entire project team and I will take care to enjoy ourselves as we build this new world together.


From Character Designer, Mogumo:

For Project GAMM, I’m in charge of character design as well as being involved with the art in a wide variety of other ways. I believe characters are a combination of various elements, including motion, effects, and their environment, not just their appearance. Collaborating as a team to create those elements is an extremely fun and exciting process.

We’re working hard every day to bring new and unique artistic surprises, thrills, and beauty to the beloved magical fantasy genre, ones that you’ll only be able to find in this title, so it’s sure to be worth the wait!


From Composer, Shiro SAGISU:

It was 350 years ago when Pascal claimed that “entertainment is indispensable for those seeking to escape the fear of death.” 110 years ago, cinema was defined as the seventh art, later followed by comics as the ninth, and video games as the tenth. By that logic, game music can be considered a fusion with the fourth art, music. With “GAMM,” I hope to further advance the integration of “time = music” and “space = games!”


From Environment Designer, Kiyoshi Arai:

I’m eager to present this rain-tinged, glistening world serving as the visual concept of this title in a way that is as immersive and appealing as possible. It’s my goal to create an attractive background setting as well, so stay tuned!

Source: press release 

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