Muse Asia Announces Akudama Drive for Southeast Asia Streaming

Muse Asia has announced new daily uploads of Akudama Drive episodes on their YouTube channel starting May 13, 2021. The final episode will be uploaded on May 24, 2021, and the entire anime will be fully available on the Muse Asia YouTube channel. The sci-fi anime will be available for viewers in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Brunei, and Cambodia. 

Studio Pierrot’s Akudama Drive won four awards at the 7th Anime Trending Awards. The original anime captured the Anime of the Year title, while Norimitsu Kaihou and Tomohisa Taguchi, writers for Akudama’s screenplay, won the award for Best in Original Screenplay. The series also won the award for Best Sci-Fi or Mecha anime of the Year and Best Mystery or Psychological anime of the Year.

Akudama Drive was produced at Studio Pierrot and Too Kyo Games with Tomohiro Taguchi (Kino’s Journey – the Beautiful World) as director, Yoshifumi Sasahara (Kino’s Journey – the Beautiful World) as assistant director, and Noritmitsu Kaiho (Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak High School: Future Arc) as series composer. Other notable staff included Cindy H. Yamaguchi as character designer and Aida Shigekazu as music composer. Kazutaka Kodaka (Danganronpa game franchise) wrote the original story draft. Funimation simulcasted the show in Fall 2020 and released the English dub shortly afterwards. 

Muse Asia describes the anime as:

The bustling metropolis of Kansai, where cybernetic screens litter the neon landscape, may seem like a technological utopia at first glance. But in the dark alleys around the brightly-lit buildings, an unforgiving criminal underbelly still exists in the form of fugitives known as “Akudama.”

No stranger to these individuals, Kansai police begin the countdown to the public execution of an infamous Akudama “Cutthroat,” guilty of killing 999 people. However, a mysterious message is sent to several elite Akudama, enlisting them to free Cutthroat for a substantial amount of money. An invisible hand seeks to gather these dangerous personas in one place, ensuring that the execution is well underway to becoming a full-blown bloodbath.

Source: Muse Asia

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