ARIA The CREPUSCOLO Movie Inbound For Southeast Asia Release

Muse Asia has announced the Southeast Asia screening for the upcoming ARIA The CREPUSCOLO movie. The film is in celebration of the ARIA anime project’s 15th anniversary and is slated for release in Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei. The film first opened in Japan on March 5 this year.

Junichi Sato (A Whisker Away), who directed all previous seasons of ARIA, returned as chief director and scriptwriter, while Takahiro Notori, who was previously the episode director and storyboarder, directed the movie at J.C.Staff. Yoko Ito (Skate-Leading Stars) served as character designer and chief animation director, while Choro Club and Takeshi Senoo composed the music. Shochiku is producing the film, and Shochiku ODS Jigyou-shitsu is distributing it. 

The cast included Ryou Hirohashi (My Hero Academia series) as Alice Caroll, Rina Satou (A Certain Scientific Railgun series, A Certain Magical Index series) as Athena Glory (a role formerly played by the late Tomoko Kawakami), Ai Kayano (Sword Art Online: AlicizationWar of Underworld) as Anya Dostoyevskaya, and Kiyono Yasuno (Are You Lost?) as Aletta.

The ARIA manga ran from 2002 to 2008. It received an anime adaptation titled ARIA The ANIMATION in 2005, followed by ARIA The NATURAL in 2006, ARIA the OVA: ~ARRIETTA~ in 2007, ARIA The ORIGINATION in 2008, and ARIA The AVVENIRE in 2015. 

Muse Asia describes the story as:

The season is fall and the city of Neo-Venezia is covered in fallen leaves. Something is bothering Anya, who works at Orange Planet.

Her senior colleagues Alice and Athena haven’t seen each other due to their busy schedules, which is making Athena feel sad. But for some reason, Alice seems to be avoiding her altogether.

With her friends Ai and Azusa’s help, Anya tries to find a definitive way for Alice and Athena to get together. But during this time, Anya learns of a situation that only she can see because of where she stands.

Source: Muse Asia

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