Nichijou Mangaka Releases New Anime Short On YouTube

Keiichi Arawi, the mangaka of “post-modern gag” manga Nichijou, released a new anime short on their YouTube channel on April 27.

Titled Shingaki no Amemiya-san (Amemiya-san in the New School Term), the one-and-a-half minute short follows the titular Amemiya-san on a surreal scooter ride to school. It is the second short to feature the character, with the first being March’s Ushimitsudoki no Amemiya-san (Amemiya-san in the Dead of Night).

According to its About page, Arawi’s YouTube channel began in 2010, although the earliest and second earliest videos were uploaded in 2015 and 2020 respectively. The channel is described as a place for Arawi to upload animated shorts and information on their activities. 

Arawi’s Nichijou ran from 2006 to 2015 and ended with 10 tankoubon volumes, with an OVA and TV anime adaptation by Kyoto Animation released in 2011. Other manga drawn by Arawi include Helvetica Standard and the ongoing CITY, which began in 2016 and released its 13th tankoubon volume on April 23, 2021. CITY is serialized in Kodansha’s Morning weekly magazine.

Sources: Keiichi Arawi YouTube channel, Twitter

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