New Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution Movie Delayed To Fall

The next Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution anime movie has been delayed from early Summer to Fall, owing to the COVID-19 situation in Japan. 

The movie also received a slightly altered version of its previously-released (and now taken down) trailer, which features a different soundtrack and displays the new release date at the end. 

The trailer’s footage and narration remain the same as the previous version’s. The narration roughly translates to:

I have lived by myself. I have continued fighting by myself. I didn’t understand anything. I couldn’t see anything. Even so, I continued to press on. Continued to struggle. 

I crossed paths with you. Spoke shoulder-to-shoulder with you. Walked the same path. Looked up at the same sky. I clutched your hand, and spoke, and clutched. There were so many important things. I want to protect them. No matter how injured I get. I want to deliver the future. To this world which that person loves.

A girl’s end. A girl’s beginning.

Tomoki Kyouda, the chief director of the first Hi-Evolution film and the director of the second installment, is directing the film. Bones is in charge of the animation production. 

The new Hi-Evolution movie is the third in a trilogy that began with 2017’s Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution 1 and was continued by Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution: Anemone in 2018. The movies are inspired by the 2005 Eureka Seven mecha series. The first film centers on series protagonist Renton Thurston and also features the First Summer of Love incident, which was not shown in the series. Meanwhile, the second film focuses on the character Anemone. The events of both films differ to varying degrees from the original series.

Source: Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution Twitter

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