Anime Romance Movie Cherry and Virgin Launches Crowdfunding Campaign, 2022 Release Planned

Cherry and Virgin, an upcoming “nervous romance animation” by A Japanese Boy Who Draws director Masanao Kawajiri, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Motion Gallery. The project seeks to raise 3,000,000 yen (~$27,727) by August 16, while a post-summer 2022 release is planned for the anime. 

The crowdfunding page says that 1,000,000 yen will be used to finance the anime’s international movie festival screenings, while another 1,000,000 yen will be used to cover the expanses for domestic screening events. 700,000 yen will be used to produce posters and leaflets, while the remaining 300,000 yen will be used for “return menu” preparations. At the time of writing, the project has raised 80,000 yen (~$739).

Source: Motion Gallery

Cherry and Virgin will be Kawajiri’s first long-form movie. The romantic comedy revolves around the meeting between 32-year-old erotic manga artist Ryou and 28-year-old fujoshi Ami, who both struggle with real-world relationships with the opposite sex. 

Like A Japanese Boy Who Draws, Cherry and Virgin will use animation as its base, but will also make use of manga and live-action aspects. Actors Takashi Okado and Yaeko Kiyose will provide the rotoscoped movements for Ryou and Ami respectively, in addition to voicing the characters. 

Source: Cherry and Virgin Motion Gallery project page

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