Shogakukan Asia’s Shinimodori Manga to hit Southeast Asia Bookstores

Shogakukan Asia has announced that the Shinimodori manga will be stocked in various bookstores across Southeast Asia by the end of April 2021. It is set to release in Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, and Thailand. 

For Singapore, the manga will be available in POPULAR, Kinokuniya, TOG, and Times bookstores. The manga will be stocked in Kinokuniya Malaysia and Thailand as well, and for Brunei, it will be sold in Best Eastern bookstores. The manga will be exclusively available in POPULAR Singapore for a month from April 30 to May 28 before being released in Singapore’s other bookstores. This exclusive promotion will not affect the release date for the other three countries’ release date of April 30.

The manga, which is adapted from the original Shinimodori (Japanese title: 死に戻り、全てを救うために最強へと至る) novel by shiryu and Nari Teshima, is drawn and written by Yokan Ota. The story follows a young man named Eric who lost everything he loved and died miserably on the battlefield. However, after he finds himself reincarnated into an infant’s body. Eric vows to be the strongest and make his old enemies pay, even if it takes him another lifetime to do it.

Source: Shogakukan Asia

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