Kono Healer, Mendokusai Isekai Comedy Manga Gets Anime

The isekai comedy manga Kono Healer, Mendokusai (This Healer Is a Pain) is getting an anime adaptation. The manga’s author, Tannen ni Hakkou, drew an illustration of the protagonist and the titular healer to commemorate the occasion. A teaser website for the anime was also launched.

Kono Healer, Mendokusai currently has two volumes released, with a third volume to release on April 23. The manga is serialized on Monthly Comic Flapper, Nico Nico Seiga, and ComicWalker. 

The story follows Alvin, a swordsman whose retorts are sharper than his sword, who is accompanied by a healer called Carla. Unfortunately for Alvin, Carlas rudeness makes her a constant source of agitation. 

Source: Anime News Network, Kono Healer, Mendokusai anime Twitter, BookWalker

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