Selection Project Anime About Idol Audition Show Gets New Trailer, Reveals Cast

Selection Project, an upcoming anime about an idol audition reality show, has received a new trailer which previews the voices of its aspiring idols. The anime is set to premiere this year.

The previously revealed cast includes Hinaki Yano as Suzune Miyama, Saku Mizuno as Rena Hananoi, Nozomi Nagumo as Hiromi Hamaguri, Ruri Arai as Nagisa Imau, Hina Youmiya as Nodoka Yagi, Yuka Iwahashi as Ao Yodogawa, Mizuna Shirakawa as Uta Koizumi, Miharu Hanai as Shiori Yamaga, and Shino Shimoji as Mako Toma.

The staff includes Daisuke Hiramaki (Koisuru Asteroid) as director, Yuuya Takahashi (Laughing Under the Clouds) as series composer, Kanna Hirayama (Rent-a-Girlfriend) as character designer, and Youhei Kisara as music producer. Doga Kobo is in charge of the animation production, while Dandelion is credited with the CG production. 

The story revolves around the Selection Project, an idol audition-slash-reality show that is gaining popularity both in and outside Japan. In order to fulfill her dream, Suzune, who is in her last summer of middle school, decides to participate in the seventh iteration of the Selection Project.

Source: KADOKAWAanime YouTube channel

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