Attack On Titan Final Season Episode 73 Delayed To March 21 After Earthquake

The 14th episode (the 73rd episode overall) of Attack on Titan Final Season will premiere on NHK on March 21 at 24:10PM JST, instead of this week following a 4.6 magnitude earthquake. Episode 15 (Episode 74 overall) will air directly after Episode 14 at 24:34PM JST.

Episode 14 was originally meant to air in Japan on March 14 at 24:10PM JST, but its slot was replaced with a report on the earthquake. 

NHK reported that the earthquake registered in Wakayama Prefecture’s Yuasa Town with an intensity of 5-minus on the Japanese seismic scale, which tops at 7. Other areas in the prefecture had an intensity of 4 and 3 registered. No tsunami threat was determined by the Japan Meteorological Agency.

Sources: Attack on Titan Twitter, NHK Anime Twitter

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