Akudama Drive Wins Anime of the Year for the 7th Anime Trending Awards

In a landslide victory, Akudama Drive won Anime of the Year in the 7th Anime Trending Awards. The cyberpunk series won by more than 300 votes against its contenders, and Akudama Drive is among the few original anime series to win Anime of the Year. 

The show also snatched three additional awards from the following categories: Sci-Fi or Mecha, Mystery or Psychological, and Best in Original Screenplay. 

Akudama Drive trended frequently on Anime Trending’s Top Anime charts in Fall 2020. The show began the season in 13th place, but reached the top spot by week five. It maintained its position for two consecutive weeks and ultimately took the top spot four times. Even when the show dropped during weeks seven and nine, it still secured enough votes to be in second place. In the seasonal awards, Akudama Drive secured first place for the Favorite Action or Adventure, Sci-Fi, and Supporting Female Character awards. 

Akudama Drive was produced at Studio Pierrot and Too Kyo Games with Tomohiro Taguchi (Kino’s Journey – the Beautiful World) as director, Yoshifumi Sasahara (Kino’s Journey – the Beautiful World) as assistant director, and Noritmitsu Kaiho (Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak High School: Future Arc) as series composer. Other notable staff included Cindy H. Yamaguchi as character designer and Aida Shigekazu as music composer. Kazutaka Kodaka (Danganronpa game franchise) wrote the original story draft. Funimation simulcasted the show in Fall 2020 and released the English dub shortly afterwards. 

Funimation describes the show as: 

Many years ago, a Great Civil War ravaged Japan, leaving the country fragmented between two regions: Kansai and Kanto. In Kansai, a group of six Akudama carry out missions given to them by a mysterious black cat, while evading the police. But a dangerous journey is about to unfold when a civilian girl becomes twisted into the Akudama’s way of life and witnesses their criminal drives.

Source: 7th Anime Trending Awards livestream

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