Ore, Tsushima Anime About Cat and Owner Premieres This Summer

Ore, Tsushima (I, Tsuhima, or I’m Tsushima), a surreal anime about a cat and his owner, will premiere this summer. Aside from the announcement, a key visual featuring the titular Tsushima was also released.

Pop Team Epic and Gal & Dino‘s Jun Aoki is serving as director and scriptwriter for the show. Fanworks and Space Neko Company are in charge of the animation production. 

Ore, Tsushima is based on the manga series by Opuu no Kyoudai, which contrasts realistically drawn cats with less detailed human forms. The story will follow the daily lives of Tsushima and Ojii-chan, the person who takes him in. Akio Ootsuka (Akudama Drive’s Master) is voicing Tsushima, while Mayumi Tanaka (One Piece‘s Luffy) voices Ojii-chan. 

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