Horimiya Cafe Opens in Ikebukuro

A collaboration cafe between romance anime Horimiya and Princess Cafe has opened in Ikebukuro. The cafe features a maid and butler theme.

Source: Princess Cafe Twitter

The menu includes dishes like the “Today’s the Third Day! The Hori Household’s Retort Curry,” “Omurice Made With Eggs From A Last-minute Rush To A Time Sale,” and the Love? Friendship? Love Napolitan,” as well as desserts like the “Close Friends! Student Council Parfait”. For drinks, there are character-themed offerings like the “Kyouko Hori Drink” (Straight Tea), “Izumi Miyamura Drink” (Caffe Latte), and the “Akane Yanagi Drink” (Matcha). 

The Horimiya x Princess Cafe collaboration also offers goods like key holders, acrylic stands, mugs, clear folders, and badges, as well as limited edition coasters.

Horimiya x Princess Cafe will be open in Ikebukuro from February 18 to March 21, before opening in Nipponbashi from March 25 to April 25. More details are available on the website

Source: Princess Cafe Twitter

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