Blue Reflection RPG Gets Anime For April, Teaser Trailer Released

An anime based on the BLUE REFLECTION role-playing game has been announced. Titled BLUE REFLECTION RAY, the anime is set to premiere in April. 

A teaser trailer offering a look at the anime’s protagonists was also released.

The staff includes Risako Yoshida (The Irregular at Magic High School: Visitor Arc) as director, Akiko Waba (KIMIMOTE) as series composer, and Daisuke Shinoda (Angelique Luminarise game) as music composer. Kouichi Kikuta (Tamayomi: The Baseball Girls) is designing the characters for the anime based on designs by Mel Kishida (BLUE REFLECTION game). 

Performing the opening song for the anime is EXiNA. J.C. Staff is in charge of the animation production.

The anime’s story will revolve around the meeting between Hiori Hirahara (Manaka Iwami) and Ruka Hanari (Haruka Chisuga). Hiori is a girl who cannot leave those in trouble alone, while Ruka is awkward and doesn’t know how to get along with others. The story is described as one where “sparkling thoughts connect.”

Developed by Gust and published by Koei Tecmo, the BLUE REFLECTION video game was released in 2017 on PS4 and Steam. The game was also released for the PS Vita in Japan. The story involved a girl being granted magical girl-like powers. Steam describes the game as: 

A clear summer sky spreads over the Hoshinomiya Girls’ High School.
This story begins with the belated start of school life for Hinako Shirai, who has just recovered from a leg injury due to a tragic accident.

The magical sisters Yuzu and Lime bestowed to her a special power to become a “Reflector”.
Hinako transforms into the magical Reflector form and protects the world from devastating forces for the sake of the world, and her own dream that she thought she had to give up on.

Source: DMM pictures YouTube channel, BLUE REFLECTION RAY teaser PV YouTube description

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