AICis the Supernatural Original Web Anime Gets Teaser Trailer, Casts Hikaru Midorikawa

The upcoming original web anime AICis the Supernatural, or Inou no AICis, has received a teaser trailer. It was also announced that Hikaru Midorikawa (SK8 The Infinity‘s Cherry blossom) will play the role of Aka Ude no Otoko (Red-Armed Man). 

Additionally, manga artist and illustrator Yuyu Ichino tweeted that they will be in charge of the AICis the Supernatural YouTube channel’s visual illustrations.

The anime is set to premiere on February 13. Previously announced cast members include Jin Ogasawara as Jindou Kiriya, Haruna Asami as Fuuka Minase, and Chiyo Tomaru as Chiyo Izumi. Uzusio Highschool Broadcasting Club is handling the planning and production.

AICis the Supernatural will be uploaded on the anime’s YouTube channel. The channel currently uploads short episodes for the Student Detective Fuuka-chan! series, which features the same cast and is described as “an anime of short stories with a outcome in each story.” The latest Student Detective Fuuka-chan! episode at the time of writing was released on February 10. 

The channel describes the overall premise as:

In Tokyo’s Geso city, a certain app is becoming popular. “AICis” is an app that gives special powers, to those who have it. This is the story of a “Student Detective” who specializes in solving supernatural problems.

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