Koi to Yobu No Wa Kimochi Warui Anime Gets 2nd Trailer

The Koi to Yobu No Wa Kimochi Warui (roughly translating to It’s Disgusting To Call This Love) anime has received its second promotional video. The anime is set to release in April. 

The staff includes Naomi Nakayama (Orange series director) as director, Taku Yamada (Rent-A-Girlfriend episode director) as assistant director, Yuuko Kakihara (Cells at Work!!) as series composer, Mariko Fujita (Urahara) as character designer and chief animation director, Masakazu Miyake (ID:INVADED) as art director, Naoko Kodama (Momo Kyun Sword) as color designer, and Shinya Matsui (A Whisker Away) as photography director. Nomad is in charge of the animation production.

Meanwhile, the cast includes Yurie Kozakai (Horimiya) as Ichika Arima, Toshiyuki Toyonaga (Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai) as Ryou Amakusa, Rena Hasegawa (Wixoss Diva(A)Live) as Ryo Amakusa, Junya Enoki (Cells at Work! Code Black) as Kai Tamura, Ryouhei Kimura (The Day I Became a God) as Masuda, and Kana Hanazawa (Cells at Work!!) as Arie Matsuhima. 

Koi to Yobu No Wa Kimochi Warui is based on the manga series by Mogusa. The story follows high school student and otaku Ichika Arima, who meets her best friend’s brother, Ryou Amakusa, by chance one day. Ryou is a “high-spec” working adult and womanizer who develops a fanatical love for Ichika, who is put off by his overly straightforward approach. Ichika responds to Ryou with disparagement, which the latter interprets to be an expression of love.

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