Gyokou no Nikuko-chan Anime Movie Announced For Early Summer

A new anime movie titled Gyouko no Nikuko-chan (Nikuko-chan of the Fishing Harbor) has been announced. It will release in early summer. 

Gyouko no Nikuko-chan is based on the novel of the same name by Kanako Nishi. The staff includes Ayumu Watanabe (Children of the Sea) as director, Kenichi Konishi (Children of the Sea) as character designer and chief animation director, and Satomi Ooshima (Hataraki Man) as scriptwriter. Studio 4℃ is in charge of animation production. 

The novel is about the titular Nikuko-chan and her daughter Kikurin. Nikuko-chan, who was cheated by a man, works at a yakiniku restaurant in the fishing harbor of a northern port-town. Meanwhile, Kikurin is slightly embarrassed about her mother as of late, due to the latter’s size and looks. The story follows their lives in the port-town. 

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