Isekai Quartet 2 Anime – Aniplus Cafe Report

Isekai Quartet 2 x ANIPLUS is Aniplus Asia’s fourth and current anime collaboration cafe, and the first to feature a short-form anime. It opened on October 22 and will run until at least January 2021. A cosplay competition will also run till the end of 2020. As a foodie, I set out for the cafe with some excitement after receiving an invitation from Aniplus and looking at their menu.

Stepping into the cafe truly felt like entering the anime’s main classroom setting. Each table had a character’s name card pasted on it, showing whose seat it was. I ended up at Raphtalia’s table. The air-conditioner was unfortunately down that day, but there were cooler machines around the cafe which helped cool down the cafe a little. 

Screenshot of the cafe seating plan displayed on the screen
Poster for exclusive merchandise

Like the Zombie Land Saga collab cafe, the Isekai Quartet collab had character cutouts stuck onto the shelves holding the exclusive merchandise. This time, however, the exclusive merchandise consisted of a larger variety of items including a hoodie and a mousepad. The Isekai Quartet merchandise didn’t catch my eye as much as Zombie Land Saga’s did, but it’s still a nice addition for those who are interested in the anime. There was also merchandise from other titles such as Fate/Grand Order, BanG Dream!, and the now-streaming D4DJ.

Washi tape with Isekai Quartet 2 patterns


Clear folders


Can Badges with characters from Isekai Quartet 2


BanG Dream! merchandise

The cafe was nicely furnished with various posters and banners as well. However, the screenshots running on the television scenes caught my attention. The many scenes from the anime short amused me because they were both humorous and quite meme-worthy, too. The cafe’s colors were less bright than the Zombie Land Saga collaboration’s, but I preferred the more subdued colors this time around. It felt like a friendly place for younger anime fans to hang out, and younger anime fans soon streamed in to grab a drink and buy exclusive merchandise during my visit. The scene warmed my heart considering the fact that the anime just started gaining mainstream popularity in Singapore.

Various snapshots of Isekai Quartet 2


Characters visuals from Isekai Quartet 2


Spider-Man meme moments


Another meme worthy screenshot displayed on the screen

It would be an understatement to say that I instantly became attracted to their drinks. The menu had a larger variety of drinks than past iterations, with its offerings ranging from Dalgona Coffee (Tanya’s Ace of Aces) and the usual soda (Naofumi’s A Hero’s Destiny) to iced chocolate (Yes I’m Kazuma) and a coke float (Ainz’s Undead Potion). For this collaboration, Aniplus Cafe’s menu introduced two special drinks that would only run on specific weeks. Ainz’s Undead Potion, a coke float topped with ice cream, ran from Weeks 1 through 5 of the cafe, while Aqua’s Goddess Blessings is running from Week 6 through 10. 

Postcard designs

Additionally, if a customer spends at least S$30 (US$22.59) on collaboration menu items and/or merchandise, they will qualify for the “An Otherworldly Festival Draw,” where they can win Isekai Quartet goodie bags and posters. If a minimum of S$35 (US$26.36) is spent, customers will get a free Isekai Quartet mask case as well. 

Lucky Draw sign and Isekai Quartet 2 Mask Case

As with all Aniplus Cafe’s previous collaborations, a customer will receive a special premium according to the weeks with every collaboration menu item purchased. This time, the special premium is a free Isekai Quartet 2 School ID featuring a character from the anime, and I couldn’t wait to see which character I would get. Wave 1’s (Weeks 1 through 3) IDs have already been redeemed, while Wave 2’s IDs will be distributed from November 5 onward. Wave 2’s IDs include Megumin from KonoSuba and Subaru from Re:Zero. The cafe recently announced it was giving out limited edition stickers instead after all the waves of IDs have ended. 

Isekai Quartet 2 School IDs for all the weeks

The sweltering weather made me get Albedo’s Pure White Devil, which was an iced Oreo milk drink, to ensure that I stayed cool and relaxed while I looked around the cafe. Ordering Albedo’s Pure White Devil netted me Megumin’s ID card, which was a fun coincidence since I had also ordered Megumin’s Crimson Explosion main dish. The spaghetti dish was a fairly filling one, with the small mentaiko (pollock roe) dollop giving an extra layer of richness to the dish. The staff shared with me that they used the mentaiko to provide the dish with its “explosive” flavor but did not use too much as they did not want it to overpower the dish. As a result, the mentaiko wasn’t too strong, so non-mentaiko lovers can still give this a try.

Albedo’s Pure White Devil and Megumin’s ID Card


The half-eaten Megumin’s Crimson Explosion

Aside from Albedo’s Pure White Devil, I also ordered Tanya’s Ace of Aces as I had never tried Dalgona coffee, which is whipped coffee cream on top of milk. It was admittedly a little hard to drink because of all the cream on the top, but the bitter coffee cream mixed with the creamy milk melded well to form a satisfying drink. 

Tanya’s Ace of Aces

Overall, I really liked this cafe collaboration. The cafe collaborations keep getting better and better, and I can safely say that I enjoyed this the most out of the four collaborations Aniplus Asia so far! If I had more time, I’d come back to the cafe with friends just to soak in the anime fan-friendly atmosphere and have a drink with them, especially with the expanded drinks menu and discounts. While the Isekai Quartet 2 merchandise items were a bit limited in range, the variety was decent enough. I would recommend anyone who likes Isekai Quartet 2 or anime in general to drop by the cafe, even if it’s just for a drink. 

Disclaimer: Anime Trending received a free invitation to the cafe from Aniplus Asia, where food, drinks, and premiums were provided.

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