Attack on Titan: The Final Season To Resume On January 10, Gets New Visual Featuring Eren Yeager

The Attack on Titan Twitter page announced that Attack on Titan: The Final Season will resume on January 10. This means that there will be a week between the show’s fourth and fifth episodes. 

In addition, the Twitter page shared a new visual featuring protagonist Eren Yeager’s human form. The anime website’s character page was also updated to include Eren. 

Attack on Titan: The Final Season began airing on December 7, with four episodes released during the month. MAPPA is in charge of the animation production for the show, taking over from the previous seasons’ Wit Studio. Attack on Titan: The Final Season‘s staff includes Yuichiro Hayashi (Dorohedoro, Kakegurui co-director) as director, Hiroshi Seko (Mob Psycho 100, Attack on Titan series scriptwriter) as series composer, Tomohiro Kishi (Dorohedoro) as character designer, Jun Shishido (To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts director) as chief episode director, and Daisuke Nīnuma (Twittering Birds Never Fly: The Clouds Gather animation director) as chief animation director.

Other staff include Kazuo Ogura (Zombieland Saga) as art director, Ayako Suenaga (Listeners) as color designer, Shigeki Asawaka (The God of High School) as photography director, Hiroyuki Sawano (Kingdom Season 3, Attack on Titan series) and KOHTA YAMAMOTO (Kingdom Season 3) as music composers. 

Based on the manga by Hajime Isayama, Attack on Titan follows Eren, an inhabitant of Paradis Island where humanity lives within walled cities to protect themselves from giant man-eating Titans. After a devastating attack on his home, Eren and his friends decide to join the military in order to take on the Titans. The first three episodes of Attack on Titan: The Final Season marked a departure from previous seasons by centering on the Eldian warriors in Marley, a nation opposed to Paradis Island, rather than Eren and his comrades.

Source: Attack on Titan Twitter page

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