New Code Geass Anime Project and Smartphone Game Announced

A new Code Geass anime project titled Gode Geass: Z of the Recapture was announced during a livestream event. A promotional image offering a look at the the character designs was also uploaded on the Code Geass website. 

Code Geass: Z of the Recapture‘s staff includes Yoshimitsu Oohashi (Kokkoku, Witchblade) as director and Noboru Kimura (Persona5 the Animation, Kokkoku) as scriptwriter. Manga artist group CLAMP is responsible for the original character designs, while Takahiro Kimura (Code Geass: Akito the Exiled, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion compilation movie trilogy) and Astrays are the character designer and Knightmare designer respectively. Sunrise is involved in the production.

As reported by Anime News Network, the livestream event also saw the announcement of a smartphone game titled Code Geass: Genesic Re:CODE, which is considered an official sequel to the franchise. According to the trailer’s YouTube description, the game will feature all of the Code Geass franchise’s characters. ANN also wrote that the game mixes role-playing and simulation elements, and will offer stories from across the franchise as well as new original scenarios. The game will launch in Spring 2021. 

Sources: Code Geass official website, Anime News Network

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