INTERVIEW: D4DJ First Mix Director Seiji Mizushima

Bushiroad recently held an interview with D4DJ First Mix director Seiji Mizushima, where he discussed the show’s characters, the first episode of the anime, and the global popularity of D4DJ. Anime Trending also had the opportunity to ask Director Mizushima a question exclusive to this article. 

In conjunction with this interview, D4DJ is holding an autograph giveaway! Find details below on how to win an autograph from Seiji Mizushima, Yuka Nishio (Rinku Aimoto), Aimi (Kyoko Yamate), or Risa Tsumugi (Saki Izumo).

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D4DJ First Mix released its first episode on October 22nd for an early streaming. Are there any scenes from the 1st episode that were memorable to you? Are there any parts that the fans should pay special attention to?

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Besides the DJ scenes and concert scenes, the scene where Rinku hands her shells to Maho is the part I would like the fans to watch closely. I believe we were able to capture the cuteness of Rinku well.



You are also a DJ yourself. As“DJ” is the theme of D4DJ, are there any parts where you put particular emphasis in the anime with your experience? 

Of course, whenever the DJ plays. We asked DJ WILDPARTY to help us with depicting realistic mixing scenes.

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When you started the production of the anime D4DJ First Mix, was there anything you prepared in advance?

I went back to study dance music and its nature. To portray those in a D4DJ style, I needed to learn and have a deeper understanding of the DJ culture and dance party culture that I was planning to show in the anime. 

Can you tell us the most charming parts of Rinku, Kyoko and Saki? When you depict them, what did you emphasize about them?

Rinku is full of energy and extremely optimistic. [She is] curious and avid for anything she sees.
Kyoko appears to be cool-headed, but she actually is a passionate and inspired girl who always looks after her friends.
Saki is quiet, but she is a talented girl with a great artistic sense and ardent heart.
The three will influence and help each other grow.

Anime Trending: The animation in D4DJ First Mix looks very expressive, especially when it comes to character movements such as dancing. What were some benefits and challenges associated with using 3D animation to portray so much movement?

The animators manually put the movements to the characters for the regular scenes. However, the dance scenes are based on motion captured movements with manual adjustment by the animators. With this method and our choreographer’s directions, we are able to create fascinating and dynamic dance scenes. The process was challenging, but we created 3D models that can handle the detailed coordination in advance to keep the quality. 

Please tell us what you hope for the fans to expect in the future development after the 1st episode from your own perspective.

The characters’ initial drive to enjoy the music through DJing, how they start to get into it, and the friendship and youth spread by music. I would like the fans to enjoy the experience where Happy Around! discovers the joy of playing, creating and mixing their music together. 

The Official YouTube channel is streaming D4DJ First Mix with subtitles in 7 languages, and anime fans all over the world are watching. Is there anything you would like to tell the overseas fans?

Music is the common language of the world. I believe we can connect with everyone all over the world through D4DJ. I would be happy to see everyone enjoying the music from Rinku and her friends, and [all of] D4DJ! With the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s been a difficult time for everyone, but I am looking forward to the day where we can gather and party together!

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 About D4DJ First Mix:

Anime “D4DJ First Mix” is available on the D4DJ Global YouTube Channel with subtitles in 7 languages for free! You can join the Watch Party on the D4DJ Global YouTube Channel for each episode every Friday at 8:00PM (PST) / Saturday at 4AM (UTC)!Share the excitement with other fans from all over the world!!

Subtitles in other languages are also available on the streaming platforms in various countries. For more details, please visit the official website. 

To celebrate the global release of this interview, D4DJ is hosting an autograph giveaway featuring Yuka Nishio, Aimi, Risa Tsumugi, and Seiji Mizushima for 12 lucky winners!

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