Netflix Anime Meets Classic 80s Rock in “Born to Fight” Music Video

The Netflix Anime YouTube channel premiered a music video for Stan Bush’s new single, “Born to Fight,” featuring scenes from Netflix Original series BAKI and Kengan Ashura.

Netflix describes the music video here:

Ever feel like you were BORN TO FIGHT? That might just be what Baki Hanma, Ohma Tokita, and everyone else from the worlds of BAKI and Kengan Ashura were born to do!

“Born to Fight” is a brand-new song by the pre-eminent 80s soundtrack artist, Stan Bush, whose discography includes “The Touch” (The Transformers: The Movie), “Fight to Survive” (Bloodsport), “Never Surrender”(Kickboxer), and many other iconic hits. “Born to Fight” embodies the Netflix Fighting Anime spirit as seen in hit shows BAKI and Kengan Ashura and re-teams Stan with his co-writer from “The Touch,” longtime collaborator Lenny Macaluso.

Stan Bush is an American musician known for his contributions to many film and TV soundtracks as far back as 1986. “The Touch” and “Dare,” from the soundtrack for the 1986 animated film, The Transformers: The Movie, were some of his earliest notable works. Bush’s work has also been featured in Japanese animation, namely his track, “She’s Got the Power,” from the American dub of Sailor Moon.

“Born to Fight” is a brand new song from the upcoming album, DARE TO DREAM, but it absolutely captures the sound and feeling of 1980s American rock as if it were written back then. This style is not likely a coincidence or just subtle influence, as another track on the album is brazenly titled, “The 80’s.” Despite the generational gap between 80s music, the 90s art of BAKI, and Kengan Ashura from the 2010s (their anime adaptations being even more recent), the visual and musical styles are a perfect match.
Stan Bush’s latest album, DARE TO DREAM, will release on November 20, 2020. 

Source: Netflix Anime YouTube channel

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