New Ex-Arm Trailer Released With Opening Song Preview

Crunchyroll has released a new trailer for its upcoming Crunchyroll Originals title EX-ARM.

The EX-ARM trailer features the opening song “Rise Again” by AIRFLIP and a lot of action. The trailer has the bold tagline of, “Declaring war against all of the SF series around the world!!” near the end, but it also received many more dislikes than likes at the time of writing.

Scheduled for a January 2021 release, the anime is based on the 2015 manga series of the same name by Shinya Komi. Crunchyroll describes the anime as:

On the edge of death, an officer & his android partner are forced to activate a top-secret weapon…The EX-ARM No.00!

Visual Flight is in charge of the show’s animation production. Yoshikatsu Kimura is directing, while Tommy Morton is penning the script.

The EX-ARM manga is a remake of Komi’s EX-VITA manga, and it received a sequel manga called EX-ARM EXA in 2019. The series also includes a spin-off novel called EX-ARM the Novel Deus Ex Machina by Atarou Kumo, which was adapted by Komi into the manga EX-ARM Another Code.

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