D4DJ Groovy Mix Open Beta Now Available

D4DJ’s English social media accounts have shared that the open beta for the mobile game, D4DJ Groovy Mix, is now available in Japanese. While the English version is not set to release until 2021, the announcement confirms that the Japanese app is available worldwide, with all features accessible excluding in-app purchases. In fact, the English release is planned to be an update to the same app, rather than an entire separate app release. This enables eager fans to start playing the game right away with ease, without ever needing to start over in English or manage two accounts at once.

The anime, D4DJ First Mix, was previously set to air on October 30, but it has since been announced that the first episode will premiere on various platforms on October 22. The anime’s opening sequence has been uploaded to the official YouTube channel as well:

Source: D4DJ Official Website, Twitter, YouTube

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