Encore Films to Screen The Promised Neverland Live Action Movie in Singapore

Encore Films announced last week the screening of the live action film of The Promised Neverland in Singapore on December 18, which is the same day as Japan. It will be screened at Golden Village cinemas and will be subtitled in English and Mandarin.

Encore Films describes the film as:

Grace Field House is a paradisiacal orphanage filled with happiness, where the orphans who live there with their “Mother”, the caretaker, Isabella, all look forward to the day they grow old enough to be adopted. However, when Emma (Minami Hamabe), Ray (Kairi Jyo), and Norman (Rihito Itagaki) stumble upon the orphanage’s dark secret, they realise that everything was all but a fantasy, and set in motion their dangerous and desperate plan to break out of Grace Field House along with their other siblings. 

The live action film will be directed by Yuichiro Hirakawa (live action ERASED) while Noriko Gotou will be responsible for the script. Minami Hamabe (Ruri Ichigyo from Hello World) is starring as Emma, while Rihito Itadaki and Kairi Jyo (live-action ERASED) are cast as Norman and Ray respectively. The newest trailer also revealed the film’s theme song, titled “Tadashiku Narenai” (It Can’t Be Right) by rock band Zutto Mayonaka de Iinoni. (Zutomayo). Toho will be distributing the film.

The anime’s first season, animated by Cloverworks, aired in January 2019 and was simulcasted by Crunchyroll, Funimation, HiDive and broadcasted on Aniplus Asia. The second season, which was originally scheduled for October 2020 but delayed due to COVID-19, is now set to premiere in January 2021. The manga by Kaiu Shirai is complete and has 20 volumes in total. 

Source: Encore Films, ANN Link 1, ANN Link 2

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