The God of High School Episode 13 – Final Episode (Review)

The final episode of The God of High School is here. 

The god that appeared over the arena has been shot down by Jaesan’s technique. Mori and the rest have fallen into a huge cave, where they battle against Jegal, who has transformed into a god after absorbing the Key.


And then become president 🇰🇷

With that, the anime adaptation of The God of High School is over. This was a wild ride.

Looking how I felt about 10 weeks ago compared to now, the scenario just never matched the tone of the first episode, especially the bike chase scene.

We were so young and full of hope back then.

I would’ve “turned my brain off” while watching The God of High School if the show gave me a chance. The writing seemed to make a half effort to connect the plot, which became increasingly nonsensical each week. 

The writing distracted from the strengths of the show, but to be honest, based on the source material, I’m not sure how they could have salvaged that plot.

This is definitely a show where you can relax and enjoy the flashy fight scenes. 

With limited information about the Charyeok throughout the series, it was incredibly hard to ignore. There were a lot of cool powers but the significance was missing.

I think I’m just mostly frustrated because I genuinely enjoyed those first few episodes. I personally felt that the quality peaked with the Daewi fight because of the martial arts focus in the animation, but with the greater focus of Charyeok, the animation just stopped caring about maintaining the authenticity of the action.

I think I’m just mostly frustrated because I genuinely Speaking of not caring, the soundtrack really wasn’t doing it for me this episode. It felt like it was trying to drag out emotions that just weren’t there.

It’s unfortunate because the soundtrack would have been memorable if the tension and stakes were present for me. 

Despite that, the soundtrack throughout the series was well done and elevated the fight scenes during the tournament segment.

Yeah. A soundtrack can really enhance emotions, but when there isn’t anything to enhance, it just feels hollow.

I actually enjoyed the soundtrack through most of the series, and the first half of the climactic fight in this episode was really cool, audio included. 

When it came to the second part, though, that insert song with vocals was just off-putting. I didn’t know how I was supposed to feel, and I even chuckled a little out of confusion.

It felt hollow because the fight just was done at that point, and that entire second half felt completely stretched for time. 

The ending was almost note for note from Dragonball, even down to the climactic fight and story beats, but then decided to add another 5 minutes with the blob monster.

In a show that zoomed through the entire plot, it’s kind of incredible how it managed to overstay its welcome during the climax.

I actually enjoyed the soundtrack through most of the series, and the first half of the climactic fight in this With the way episode 13 wrapped up, I can’t help but wonder what’s next. They certainly left a lot of open ends.

At the very least, The God of High School is not boring. It’s just frustratingly disorienting with the way it tries — and fails — to do too many different things.

This show is less than the sum of its parts. It had neat fight scenes, decent designs, some good voice acting, and a satisfactory soundtrack. All these things had the potential to make a good show, but instead we got a huge mess with a ton of plot holes and continuity issues.

The God of High School is now streaming on Crunchyroll

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