The God of High School Episode 12 – Fox & God (Review)

The climax continues in The God of High School

Ilpyo mercilessly beats down Jegal. Just as he’s about to deal the finishing blow, Ilpyo sprouts tentacles and ensnares him. With the charyeok Greed, Jegal unleashes the charyeok powers of the others he’s absorbed and turns their incredible powers upon Ilpyo. As their battle rages, something changes in the sky over the arena, and it is soon filled with a sword-wielding God and his many followers… (synopsis via Crunchyroll)

You heard it here. The God of High School is now over!

Review over!

How the heck did Jegal get this other power? And what the hell does it even do?

I wish we got to learn more about Jegal. The brief flashback was nice but it felt empty. It would have been nice to get that in earlier episodes as we’ve mentioned in the past.

I don’t wish we got “more” of anything at this point. I really wish there was LESS going on in this confusing episode.

In this episode, less was better. There was A LOT happening.

Did that qualify as a backstory for Jegal? I’m not sure, it felt like the plot showed the bare minimum needed to move along. From my perspective, the flashback scene detracted from the episode.

I’ll tell you what it did qualify as: an example of the Kuleshov effect gone wrong.  I thought this was a flashback for the green-haired magician and his wizard grandpa.

Yeah, I was so confused because it looked like the old guy was the same person in the flashback, but then realized the scene was just Jegal’s only motivation to not be a loser.

Smash Cut: We finally got to see where the entire population of Seoul was hiding. Apparently the massive street fight with LITERAL GODS wasn’t interesting enough for them.

But that second massive street fight with literal gods NOW had the whole world’s attention. What was the actual point of that first god fight during Ilpyo and Mori’s fight since there were no consequences?

Side note, how do I get my eyes to have the omega symbol on them? Asking for a friend.

Probably just need to fork up a good amount of money. And on that note, I have to say Commissioner Q was a real mood yet again. 

I really respect his enthusiasm towards fighting for the sole sake of counting his imaginary pay for his kill streak. He’s a relievingly simple character to enjoy in the middle of all this mess.

If nothing else, we can root for him to fight his way out of poverty, which everyone can relate to. 

The god fight is the background to the true plot, and our hero is Commissioner Q.

The God of High School is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

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