The God of High School Episode 10 – Oath & Meaning (Review)

Here we go! The anticipated fight between Ilpyo and Mori is here. But a lot is revealed this week. 

When he learns of Nox’s existence and their role in Jin Taiejin’s confinement, Mori swears to win the tournament and save him. But his opponent, Ilpyo, also has a good reason why he can’t afford to lose. (via Crunchyroll)

Can the source material readers help me understand what happened? It was a spectacle for sure.

I can’t. But I can forgive the episode being a bit confusing, considering how much was going on.

There was so much that happened this episode. I’m still trying to process it slowly since there was a lot going on. 

But the fighting between Mori and Ilpyo is immaculate to watch.

The fight between Mori and Ilpyo is pretty cool, but I find the constant camera movement a bit disorienting. It distracts from the  pretty impressive fights.

I wonder what references were used for the hand to hand fighting sequences. It is the strongest part of the fight sequences and I really want to find out how MAPPA made it work!

The camera composition at times gets annoying, but in a way, it creates this sense of chaos with the hand to hand combat between Mori and Ilpyo. 

I would definitely love to see the behind the scenes and animation panels for these scenes.

I am quite a fan of the fights in this episode for a few reasons, but above all, I think the music hits it out of the park this episode. Hats off to composer Okehazama and sound director Koizumi for giving these sequences some very necessary impact.

This is a small nitpick, but I couldn’t ignore it. The subtitle translation felt slightly off this episode. The subtitles did not mention that Seungah and Seungyon were sisters, but the spoken dialogue did indicate that. That detail was completely missed from the subtitles.

And I didn’t know that Ilpyo is their cousin until I read the synopsis. I think if I knew that, Ilpyo and Seungah’s motivations would have had more weight.  

Generally, familial bonds are stronger than just “good friends.”

I picked up that they were related and all grew up together, but beyond that, the dynamic was left a bit underexplored, which softened some of the emotional impact.

Besides that, the stadium crowd is going to be so confused. After watching teenagers launch dragons and infernos, they’re going to walk outside and see the aftermath of the Gate of Babylon and dead cultists everywhere.

I wonder what kind of permits the cult needed to get in order to clear out the streets of Seoul for their big fight.

Who do they even need a permit from? Their respective gods?

Either way, I hope that all the loose threads so far get dealt with in the next 3 episodes.

We know something big just happened, and we are left with a pretty spicy cliffhanger. Do I have even the slightest idea what this is all culminating to? Nope, but at least I’m pretty entertained now.

The God of High School is now streaming on Crunchyroll

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