Odex Announces Fate/stay Night Heaven’s Feel Spring Song Release Dates

ODEX has announced the release dates for Fate/stay Night Heaven’s Feel Part III Spring Song for Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. 

The release dates are as follows for each country:

  • Singapore: 12 Sept 2020 (Sat) for fan screening, 17 Sept (Thurs) for general release
  • Malaysia: 26 Sept 2020 (Sat) for fan screening (TBC)
  • Philippines: 10 Oct 2020 (Sat) for fan screening (TBC)
  • Indonesia: 10 Oct 2020 (Sat) for fan screening (TBC)

Currently, Singapore is the only country confirmed to have a general screening. ODEX says that all countries’ dates are subject to change based on the cinema’s schedule, and has announced that advance ticket sales will begin at a later date.

ODEX also released a new trailer on their Facebook page, showing audiences a glimpse of Dark Sakura in the final part of the movie trilogy.

Source: ODEX Facebook

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