Mr Love: Queen’s Choice: What’s the game like?

Do you like soulmates? How about soulmates who have superpowers, dashing personalities, and love to text and call you?

Enter Mr Love: Queen’s Choice, also known as Mr Love: Dream Date, a popular romance simulation game featuring a female protagonist who is salvaging her career as a media producer. Four male characters will change her life completely, and inevitably, yours too.

Isabelle! We have the anime Mr Love: Queen’s Choice airing right now, yeah? Did you manage to catch it?

Yes! I’ve caught it! I’ve caught Mr Love fever! How are you liking the anime so far, Crys?

I’m reserving judgment for now because it’s just the first episode, but I always have this sliver of hope that an otome anime can be better than the “typical” norm — A.K.A. the usual  damsel-in-distress completely being unable to make their own decisions. Generally, something unrealistic would just make me disappointed, and Mr Love: Queen’s Choice’s MC isn’t particularly… strong in the character department for now.

I agree! While all the guys are great, it falls a little flat when it comes to the MC because she’s supposed to be us. We are all different people, so the girl is generic-looking due to the nature of the game. But we’re not here to talk about the show, let’s put ourselves in the MC’s shoes and talk about the mobile app!

Right, exactly. She’s super generic-looking, but hey, at least she has eyes! Both in the anime and in-game. Like, eyes are the windows to your soul, uwu.

Alright, Crys, which Mr Love is looking into your soul? Victor the CEO? Lucien the neuroscientist? Superstar Kiro? Or Gavin the kickass policeman?

Here’s the thing: frankly, I want to go on a friendship route for all of them. They’re generally great as guy friends, I’m sure! But if I had to pick one, it’d probably be Gavin. If you ask me why, I’ve no idea! I just like the idea of racing through the streets and picking a fight with him. What about you?

You know, I thought Gavin would be an open book, but he’s more mysterious than the rest of the guys. I’m on Chapter 7 of the game’s story, and I don’t know if it’s a route I’ve chosen or something, but Gavin rarely appears! So, I’ve been leaning towards Lucien. Victor’s a good second pick for me though.

I’m only on Chapter 2, so I’m a complete newbie at this. I strongly veer towards Gavin simply because he reminds me of my partner, haha.

Aside from that though, I just think that Gavin is the closest to my existing brain cells, A.K.A. much easier to understand. I’d have a hard time catching up with Lucien’s superior intellect and mind games, Victor’s workaholic and demanding tendencies, and Kiro’s friendliness that is not really boyfriend material.

Kiro’s energy is very contagious. He’s so upbeat and charming.

If I could insert a scene, I’d create one where I call/text Kiro and say, “Yo, where are you? I’m going to send you a bag of chips. If you’re on set, I’m gonna deliver it right in front of your agent, and it’ll be the biggest horror story ever.”
And I’d watch as his agent dies of horror while Kiro happily enjoys his chips.

I’m pretty sure we have to collect chips too in the game, so we can level up our Kiro karma cards. 

Look at how many potato chips he needs to evolve:

LOL that’s so many bags of chips… No wonder his agent needs to control his diet. He can’t control himself. XD

Speaking of karma shards, they’re basically “pieces” of the particular character. 200 karma shards give you a character card, which can help you complete missions! Of course… there’s a gacha system, with SSR characters having the highest stats to help you complete missions!

Indeed, I only have one of Lucien’s SSRs from an event, but I really like how the cards are decorated. Powering them up to compete at the Box Office and 24-Hour Challenge against other players are really what draw me to the game. In addition, the cards lead to special dates and memories with the guys!

Yeah! So far I’ve only gone on a date with Lucien, but I got locked because of those purple hearts, which are called “Karma Promise.” I can’t even complete my date, and honestly, it’s a bit frustrating…

Speaking of those SSRs, it sure reminds me of the Bungo Stray Dogs game you and I discussed a long time ago. They have different cards of the same character, and they have different attributes that can be useful to the game itself! I still play Bungou occasionally, but I digress.

I’ve not touched Bungo in a while, but overall I think the games are pretty similar in that aspect. The SSR karmas are really beautiful, and even more so when you gather the items to evolve them! It really fuels my addiction to level up the karma with stars and use them in combination to compete at the Box Office and 24-Hour Challenge with other players.

Isabelle, I’ve a confession: I haven’t been playing the game as much as you LOL. Compared to Bungou and other games I’m playing, it really hasn’t been able to draw me in for some reason. I know you really like the game, though.

I’m absolutely invested in the game. You’ll find me on city strolls with all the guys, just so I can earn the rewards like hearts and gems to score dates and unlock more things. How are you finding the game though in the time that you are able to play? What do you think of the story so far and what are your favorite bits or modes?

In the times I can play, I really like how the focus isn’t just on the relationships between the male love interests and the female protagonist. The heroine has a job, and she has to do it well, so she, too, has to complete missions. I appreciate that a lot because it shows she has drive and makes us relate to her struggle better.

I haven’t gone real far into the game, so I can’t say what’s my favorite bit. But Gavin sure is my favorite bit. :9 He’s a hot dude, I must admit.

He is. His birthday event was really fun. It’s so nice that the game takes into consideration the seasons and the characters’ birthdays, just to make special events and prizes for them.

My regret is that I didn’t get his SSR character card… Let me just cry over there, somewhere in the corner… He looked super hot! T^T

I want SO many SSR cards… and this is only possible by playing the game and tackling new levels! The cute little pathway in normal mode switches between story mode and production mode where you summon karma to play the game.

That switch makes the game pretty bearable. However, what really puts me off is how it feels like SSR cards are necessary to get three crowns, or a perfect score, for the missions! The drop rates are at 1% like Fate Grand/Order, but the difference is that the latter game makes SR characters very, very useful. SR characters are useful in Mr Love for sure, but… not much if you want to get three crowns. 🙁 I keep struggling to get three crowns, or even a minimal pass if it’s really hard.

Yeah, I also had some difficulties getting the crowns needed per chapter. I actually dropped the game about one month after the English release of the app in 2019 because I didn’t see how I could move on. But as I explore the game more now, I think its key to level up your karma and complete all the daily quests so that your production team will become stronger too.

I’m also not too invested because there are simply too many things to juggle in the game. It feels like a trait of Chinese gacha games where you have a lot of things to do in-game, so it can get overwhelming for first-timers or for people who have many gacha games. For Mr Love, it feels like everything is happening at the same time with a few precious resources to help you level up. It does take the fun out of the gameplay experience.

With over 20 chapters to the story and more to come with events and whatnot, I can definitely see how this game can be overwhelming for newer players. For those who are willing to commit, I personally think it’s fun to collect all the rewards from different resources. Unlike you, I can only play one or two main games at a time, so Mr Love is perfect for me in that sense. I haven’t spent that much money on the game yet, but with VIP bonuses and EVOL supplies, I’m sure there’s even more to explore in the long run. Nonetheless, if you’re willing to spend time on the game, you can definitely enjoy Mr Love as a free-to-play game.

I’ve been really wanting to purchase the Right Beside You ASMR series, which unlocks after Chapter 4-20. Despite the fact that I have downloaded the Japanese voice packs for the main story, the Right Beside You series is limited to sub 20-minute clips from the English voice actors. It’s basically 3D audio work where it sounds like the voice actors are right next to you! My favorite one so far is Victor reading Sleeping Beauty to me. ^-^

Does he have the voice of hot chocolate? 😉

Absolutely. A little gruff, but still sweet nonetheless.

Ohohoho… Now that does sound sweet. Guess you’ll continue playing the game and be lulled to sleep by Victor’s voice?

Probably! I also love Tomokazu Sugita’s voice acting in the main story as well. Will you be continuing the game as well or are there any goals you might have for the game?

Frankly, I’m not that invested, so I might actually drop the game. If not though, I’ll probably hop on and off just to check things out. I’m actually kinda competitive, so I get angry if I don’t get three crowns on missions or if I don’t get to whack Victor in the face, HAHA.

Sometimes, with the text messages you send and the choices you have when interacting with Victor, a slap or two is definitely needed. I know he’s a CEO and all, but he’s very curt and unfeeling.

Hey maybe… just maybe… let’s ask the game developers if we can have our friendship route?

I would want a friendship route! I hope more characters appear in the future so that can happen. As for my closing thoughts, I would really love to see how the anime will develop the elements as shown in the game and which route the anime will go. I’m glad you were able to spend time with me to discuss Mr Love, the game.

Always fun to discuss! Now next time, you can tell me more about how hot Gavin and Victor are :9

Certainly. Until our next mobile game discussion!

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