The God of High School Episode 6 – Six (Review)

After an epic showdown last week, this week’s episode tones down a bit as we transition for the next arc in The God of High School. Crunchyroll describes the episode as: 

The national God of High School tournament will be a team battle between teams formed from the top three participants in each regional preliminary. Mira wins the battle for third place, meaning she will compete in the nationals with Mori and Daewi. Mujin explains to the other administrators that this is all part of the search for the one with the potential to be the “Key.” 



Tsuda Ken aside, this episode reinforced my love for Mori’s voice actor.  He’s really good, and possibly my favorite thing about the show so far.

So many new characters and I can’t wait. We got to meet Park Ilpyo and experienced tension with Jegal Taek.

There are lots of character introductions and higher stakes to the show. I wonder how the different factions are going to play out because I had assumed the spooky cult was the same as the administrators. 

Between the sinister six, I’m looking forward to the murderhobo the most.

Speaking of characters, that scene where Mira meets the referee at the supermarket reminds me of when students meet their school teachers outside of school. 

Like, “Wait, you have a life in the real world?”

And his baby is the coolest baby I’ve ever seen.

Showing off so many characters led the pacing to revert a bit back to what we had seen in the earliest episodes. We went through a share of A, B, & C plots following Mori, Daewi, and Mira individually. But did this episode pull that off, after the fumbles of the past two weeks?

My sense of “in universe” time didn’t feel right for the latter half of the episode. The sequencing of scenes didn’t flow comfortably. 

Mori’s power-up happened too quickly, like he learned it in a day instead of two weeks.

Having said that, I still think this episode was better than the previous two.

It definitely felt weird. The way we jumped between Mori, Daewi, and Mira’s backstory felt choppy. However, it accomplished its purpose by showing everyone’s resolve on moving forward. 

Was it done well? It’s definitely up for interpretation. 

I didn’t personally feel all that disoriented, but I can’t deny that we had a lot of information dumped on us in a very sporadic way. I’m holding on to hope that the next episode or two will follow through on all of the seeds that were planted this week.

This was very clearly a transitional story set-up episode. We just concluded one arc, and we are getting thrown into the next one without wasting any time.

It was an episode that was necessary to continue the TOURNAMENT ARC. With that in mind, I’m always looking forward to the next episode.

The God of High School is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

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