The God of High School Episode 3 – Wisdom & Kingdom (Review)

The tournament continues in The God of High School! Crunchyroll describes the second episode as:

Mira faces off against WWD women’s pro wrestler Mah Miseon, but her sword fighting can’t keep up with Miseon’s well-built body and overwhelming strength. Mori faces the risk of being disqualified from the tournament after interfering with the match between Gang Manseok and Go Gamdo. 

Opinions are that of the writers. The God of High School is now streaming on Crunchyroll and Muse Asia (for Southeast Asia).

Mori really loves bananas and I endorse it. Give him more bananas!

Forget the bananas, they’re not important. I had a feeling those familiar faces from episode 1 and the opening sequence would become relevant, and I was not disappointed by our introductions to Mah Miseon and Baek Seungchul.

Even though we barely got to know either character, we were able to get a general sense of their personalities.

Female pro wrestler from America? Great.
Guy with glasses reading a book while wielding a baseball bat? Perfect.

But the best part of all, we got to see what kind of person Daewi is.

Daewi’s character is starting to come out, and it was nice to get a better idea of what he’s fighting for.

He has a sense of righteousness similar to Mori’s, but Daewi’s cool-headed demeanor creates a solid distinction between them.

I agree they are similar, with the exception that Daewi knows how to keep his cool and when to pick his fights.

Meanwhile, Mori is very carefree. But it makes his epic fights and kicks even more exciting to watch.

Daewi can certainly keep his cool like we saw in that flashback. But when he started fighting,  it was just as hard to stop him as it was to get him started in the first place. He’s like inertia personified.

Enough about the boys though. What did we think about Mira?

Mira’s backstory felt a bit glossed over. The fight between Mah Miseon and her was exhilarating — especially with those pro wrestling moves — but it was really brief. I do hope they expand more on Mira in the future. 

The animators still did a fantastic job though.

I agree, Mira got the short end of the stick this week, but I hope her moment will come soon. At the end of the day, I like how The God of High School shares the spotlight, as opposed to having episodes dedicated to one character at a time.

The characters were well fleshed out in both the flashbacks and present scenes. There was a healthy amount of both types of exposition, so it never felt like we were just watching one long character backstory.

Indeed! Not only were the characters fleshed out, we got three epic fights that weren’t dragged out for a long time. 

With the amount of nonstop action, the decision to use a very calm and mellow ending theme song by CIX is very smart. 

Just like with any intense workout, you need time to cool down, so pairing the ending visuals with a soothing song helps a lot. It wraps up the episode very nicely. 

Absolutely. The end credits hit just right after taking in all that excitement, and this episode exemplified that better than ever before.

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