The God of High School Episode 2 – Tournament Arc Anime (Review)

We’re off into the second episode filled with more action, epic soundtrack, and President Robert Downey Jr.!? 

Crunchyroll describes the second episode as:

Mori, Daewi, and Mira have made it through the first preliminary round. With the next round coming up, the three of them talk about their reasons for entering the tournament. Mira says she’s hoping to find a successor to her late father’s Moon Light Sword Style and rebuild her family’s dojo. On the day of the tournament, one of the favorites to win the tournament, Gang Manseok, faces off against tai chi user Go Gamdo.

Opinions are that of the writers. The God of High School is now streaming on Crunchyroll and Muse Asia (for Southeast Asia). 

I’m trying to process my thoughts right now.




Tournament Arc.

Mori, Daewi, and Mira all open up a bit about what brings them to the aforementioned tournament, and what they want out of it. It’s an opportunity to have a desire granted, and entry was granted to each of them through unique circumstances. The details are still being teased, but some sort of recruiting seems to be involved. This “fight for the top spot and have your wish granted” premise isn’t the most unique I’ve seen, but it is one I know can be executed well.

Even so, I liked how they structured everything. While we only get a glimpse of everyone’s backstory, we get a general idea of why they’re there. It kept me satisfied enough to bond more closely with our main characters.

But the pacing did feel a bit off and maybe a little too fast.

The pacing is still rather fast in some areas, namely the brief snapshots of backstory and the montage of fights before the main showdown. It feels a bit teasing, but I’m excited by the thought of building some mystery and foreshadowing a few story threads.

I had to rewatch the episode to make sure I caught all the details. It’s still too early to say if it’s too fast for me, but considering the show is very focused on the fighting, the show is not slowing down like Mori’s kicks. 

Though, it was sweet watching Jin and picking up on the little things he does.

I’m liking the strong characterization we’re getting out of Mori. The other characters are getting slowly fleshed out too, but this episode focused mostly on Jin. He pretends to be carefree (literally sleeping, even) but he’s actually always on guard and alert of his surroundings.

He’s always willing to jump in and dive straight into the mess like your typical shonen-type protagonist. We saw it in the first episode, especially the motorcycle chase scene, and many times this episode. 

Mori didn’t hesitate to run  late if it meant helping the old lady, and now we know he’d go as far as breaking the rules when he sees something really upsetting.

Go Gam-Do was an interesting character for Mori to play off of for this reason, as it was their interactions with Gang Manseok that brought out Mori’s strong sense of justice in this episode.

(Side note: I loved Hiroyuki Yoshino’s performance as Go Gam-Do. He doesn’t often show off his “serious” voice in his roles, but he knocked Gam-Do’s character out of the park.)

Not only was that an epic scene, the soundtrack is worth talking about!

The battle soundtrack between Go Gam-Do and Gang Manseok gave off some real My Hero Academia vibes! While this is Arisa Okehazama’s first time credited as a music composer for an anime, I had to remind myself that I wasn’t listening to Yuki Hayashi’s work.

Fun fact: The music producer, Yoshiki Kobayashi, also worked on music for Haikyu!, which is composed by Yuki Hayashi. Hayashi composed music for My Hero Academia

While music composer and music producer are two separate roles, I’m curious to see how much influence there was from Kobayashi.

Maybe we’re onto something after all! All I know is the music so far is quite good, and I look forward to hearing more of Okehazama’s work.

Final remarks: Having a Robert Downey Jr.-inspired character to be the President of the United States is now the most ambitious crossover of all time.

I hope someday we’ll see a live-action adaptation that will cast Rober Downey Jr. as himself.

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