Kaguya-sama: Love is War has clinched its second Anime of the Season (AOTS) title in Anime Trending (AT), after a very crazy and weird season comprising only 24 anime — the smallest number of seasonal anime airing during AT’s history. The series’ second season reigned for four consecutive weeks at the beginning of the season but then stumbled. At that point, Sing “Yesterday” for Me slowly climbed up the rankings and eventually reigned for three consecutive weeks, gaining momentum before the critical Last Week Advantage (LWA) Polls. Things changed again when “Yesterday” received quite a reception for dropping the ball with its last episode, which worked to the advantage of Kaguya-sama which held on to its four-week lead. Kaguya-sama would just need to win the LWA Chart for them to strengthen that lead, and they successfully did


Aside from winning AOTS, Kaguya-sama also won the award for Favorite Comedy and Favorite Female Character. The latter was won by the 6th ATA Supporting Girl of the Year Ai Hayasaka, beating Endorsi Jahad (Tower of God) by a lead of 427 votes. However, Jahad had her revenge as she beat Hayasaka for the Favorite Supporting Female Character award. Aside from losing the Favorite Supporting Female title, Kaguya-sama also failed to clinch the Favorite Couple-Ship award for a second time as Miyuki Shirogane and Kaguya Shinomiya lost to Rikuo Uozumi and Haru Nonaka (Sing “Yesterday” for Me) by a margin of just 66 votes. “Yesterday” was also able to win against Kaguya-sama for the Favorite Romance award.

“Yesterday” and Kaguya-sama also shared the spoils for the Theme Song Awards as Masayuki Suzuki and Airi Suzuki won the Favorite Opening Theme award for Kaguya-sama with their song, “DADDY! DADDY! DO!” marking the second time the older Suzuki won an AT song award. Meanwhile, “Kago no Naka Tori ni” won the Favorite Ending Theme award for “Yesterday.”  Overall, the two anime won four awards each as “Yesterday” also won Favorite Drama.


“AGUEEEROOOO!!!” That may be what Aguero Agnes Khun (Tower of God) fans scream if they’re also into football (or soccer, if you’re American), as the handsome “Blue Turtle” won this season’s Favorite Male Character award. Khun rose to popularity thanks to his cleverness and, more importantly, his ponytail. Khun’s name is apparently inspired by the name of Sergio “Kun” Aguero, a famous footballer who plays as a striker for Manchester City and Argentina’s national football team. Tower of God’s author, SIU, stated that he is a football fan. Meanwhile, this is the fourth time that a character voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto won best boy of the season, the most for any voice actor. The last time an Okamoto-voiced character won best boy was in Summer 2019, where Accelerator (Raildex series) won.

Despite making history this season as the character with the most number of ships in AT’s Weekly Couple Ship Charts, beating the records of Fuutarou Uesugi (The Quintessential Quintuplets) and Nariyuki Yuiga (We Never Learn), Catarina Claes (My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!) was not able to bring any of her 7 ships to the Couple Ship of the Year nominations as they all failed to secure a spot in the Top 3 Couple-Ships of the Season. Theoretically, because “Bakarina” had many ships, the vote was spread out too much as a user is only allowed to vote for a maximum of five ships every week. However, Catarina will still be a nominee for Girl of the Year as she finished fourth in the overall female tally. Meanwhile, her younger brother, Keith Claes, won as this season’s Favorite Supporting Male Character.

There were some upset wins in the Genre Awards. First is Ascendance of a Bookworm, which managed to defeat My Next Life as a Villainess for the Favorite Fantasy Award this season, despite being behind the latter during the weekly top anime charts. Bookworm nearly won the same award back for its first season in Fall 2019. However, it lost the Favorite Slice of Life award this time around, which went to Kakushigoto instead. Bookworm was one of the Spring 2020 series which was able to complete production before the Japanese government’s state of emergency declaration that had brought many anime productions to a halt. Another upset is for the Favorite Mystery or Psychological award, which Gleipnir took instead of Tower of God. Just like Bookworm, Gleipnir was never above Tower of God in the weekly anime rankings for this season.

Road to #ATA2021: 7th Anime Trending Awards

At least 12 anime were able to get at least one nomination in next year’s Anime Trending Awards. They are:

Kaguya-sama: Love is War – 12 nominations
My Next Life as a Villainess – 10 nominations
Fruits Basket S2 – 10 nominations
Tower of God – 9 nominations
Sing “Yesterday” for Me – 8 nominations
Kakushigoto – 5 nominations
Gleipnir – 5 nominations
Princess Connect: Re:Dive – 4 nominations
Arte – 2 nominations
BNA – 1 nomination
Listeners – 1 nomination
Ascendance of a Bookworm S2 – 1 nomination

You can see the full nominations of the 7th Anime Trending Awards here

The Full Spring 2020 Winners List here

The Full Spring 2020 Results here

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