JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind Online Panel Announced by Warner Bros. Japan

Warner Bros. Japan announced an additional program joining its “Stay Connected with Anime” online panel during Anime Expo Lite.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind: EXPOSED program will feature a pre-recorded segment featuring Kensho Ono (voice of Giorno Giovanna), Kazutaka Kasama (Producer, David Production), and Hiroyuki Omori (Producer, Warner Bros. Japan) as they share stories about the animated show. 

Yugo Kanno, the composer for the series, will be joining the live-stream portion alongside rap artist Lotus Juice. 


The show is described as:

Fresh from surviving his adventures in Morioh, Stand user and Joestar ally Koichi Hirose is touching down in Naples, Italy to discover a man known as Haruno Shiobana, who may well be the inheritor of a truly terrifying legacy. Though he now calls himself Giorno Giovanna and makes a living from petty thievery, there is no mistaking the regal bearing and cunning that mark his bloodline, or the natural Stand affinity that he’s already begun to harness. Whatever he may call himself, Giorno Giovanna’s parentage mark him as a true threat – for he is the son of Dio Brando, and no son of Dio could possibly live quietly on this earth. (via ANN Encyclopedia) 

The live-stream will begin on 3 July at 8 PM PDT on Crunchyroll’s YouTube channel, Warner Bros. Japan’s YouTube channel, and Anime Expo’s Twitch and YouTube channel. 

Source: press release

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