A Compilation of Haru Nonaka Smiles From Sing “Yesterday” For Me

Episode Eight

(6:45-6:48) Haru telling Rikuo that she brought bagels from Milk Hall for him.

(6:56-6:59) Haru trying to get herself invited to Rikuo’s home.

(7:31) Haru happy that Rikuo’s walking her home.

(9:46-9:57) Haru seeing Rikuo at work.

(11:37-11:45) Haru on Rikuo: “Once he made up his mind, he would do it his way.”

(18:41-18:43) Haru gets treated to a drink by Rikuo.

(18:56, 18:59-19:00) Haru listening to Rikuo talk about his ex-convenience store colleague Kinoshita.


(20:09-20:10) Haru after being told not to wait for Rikuo anymore, but before accepting the situation.

(20:26-20:32) Haru feeling resigned.

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