A Compilation of Haru Nonaka Smiles From Sing “Yesterday” For Me

Episode Five

(2:10-2:12) Haru asking Rikuo to join her for a meal.

(2:35-2:40) Haru failing to remember her ex-classmate’s name.

(2:46-2::47) Haru remembering her ex-classmate’s name.

(4:33-4:36, 4:40-4:45) Haru talking to Rikuo about her ex-classmate, Minato.

(9:45-9:47) Haru talking to Minato about love, oblivious to his feelings for her.

(9:53-9:54) “I feel better now.”

(10:14-10:16) High school Haru in Minato’s memories.

(13:50-13:51) Haru about to approach Rikuo.

(14:18-14:19) Haru after teasing Rikuo.

(14:48) Haru about to head home from work with Kansuke.

(15:48-15:50) Haru talking to Minato about pets.

(18:21-18:28) Haru on her one-sided love for Rikuo: “But I’ll surely just regret it if I just gave up.”

(20:57-21:02) Haru acting smug after Minato’s photo of her wins first place in a competition.

(21:29-21:33) Haru looking at Rikuo’s photo submission.

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