A Compilation of Haru Nonaka Smiles From Sing “Yesterday” For Me

Episode Three

(1:01-1:03) Haru after telling Rikuo about her challenge to Shinako.

(1:54-1:59) “It’s too late for me now.”

(2:07-2:12) “I will not ask for anything from you.”

(2:59-3:01) Haru in the rain.

(6:07-6:09) Haru inviting Rikuo for a movie.

(7:25-7:27) Haru offering Rou a drink.

(9:54-9:55) Haru after meeting her mom’s new boyfriend: “Isn’t that good?”

(10:38-10:40) Haru as a kid.

(11:01-11:05) Haru talking to Rikuo.

(11:20) “Let’s call it a day.”

(12:04-12:07) Haru preparing for her movie date with Rikuo.

(20:51-20:54) Haru re-introducing herself to Rikuo.

(21:04-21:14) “I want you to know me better. And I’m angry at someone who stood me up.”

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