A Compilation of Haru Nonaka Smiles From Sing “Yesterday” For Me

Episode Two

(0:35-0:41) Haru pulling Rikuo’s arm.

(12:01-12:03) Haru inviting Shinako to view cherry blossoms with her.

(12:12-12:14) Haru offering Shinako a dango.

(12:22-12:29) Haru telling Shinako that she hasn’t drunk before despite working at a bar.

(12:39) Haru in thought.

(17:31-17:34) “I know what it is.”

(12:46-12:50) Haru asking Shinako to compete with her for Rikuo’s feelings.

(17:46-17:47) “I don’t like being sneaky.”


(18:04-18:05) “See you, Ms. Morinome.”

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