A Compilation of Haru Nonaka Smiles From Sing “Yesterday” For Me

Episode Eleven

(1:02) Haru pleased that Rikuo is staying over, following a break-in at her home.

(1:22-1:24) “Thanks for coming over.”

(1:56-1:57) “I made breakfast.”

(2:04-2:08) “If you catch a cold here, I’ll take care of you. Make yourself at home.”

(2:53-2:55) “Hm?”

(3:49-3:54) Haru’s special chocolate cake.

(4:07-4:09) “The word ‘strong’ is a compliment, right?”

(6:49-6:53) Haru buying the bagel sandwiches she made at Milk Hall.

(7:26-7:29) “I’ll be leaving then, thank you.”

(8:52) Haru heading to Rikuo’s place to give him the bagel sandwiches.

(9:23) Haru outside Rikuo’s place.

(10:33-10:37) Haru congratulating Rikuo for getting together with Shinako.

(11:22-11:26) “You don’t have to mind me.”

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