A Compilation of Haru Nonaka Smiles From Sing “Yesterday” For Me

Sing “Yesterday” For Me was one of our chart’s top shows during the Spring 2020 season, and arguably one of the drama’s most memorable aspects is the energetic character Haru Nonaka.

While I wish that Haru had received more focus and development, and felt that her ending wasn’t well-earned at all, she was still an enjoyable presence. So, here’s a compilation of all her precious smiles* in the show.

*Only close-up and medium close-up shots, and only the shots where Haru’s face is the only one in focus (her pet crow Kansuke doesn’t count).

Episode One

(1:09-1:11) “Can I have one bento as well?”

(9:50-9:54) Haru teasing Rikuo.

(9:57-10:02) “In fact, I’ve known you since a long time ago.”

(10:38-10:42) Haru visiting the convenience store.

(11:11-11:21) Haru messing around with Rikuo.

(13:37-13:38) Haru teasing Rikuo about his one-sided attraction to his ex-college mate Shinako.

(13:46-13:56) More teasing from Haru.

(19:38-19:40) “Yo!”

(20:23-20:40) “Liars try to please other people and live the way they like.”

(20:45-20:49) “Liars don’t lose anything.”

(20:58-21:03) “This is the first time I want someone to like me.”

(21:23-21:24) Haru flustered.

(21:37-21:38) Haru getting her photo taken.

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