Tower of God Episode 11 – Fishing for Answers (Review)

This week on Tower of God, we’re on the home stretch of the season! 

Crunchyroll describes episode 11, Underwater Hunt (Part One), as:

Another test is held to reach the top of the tower. Much has been lost and important things have been gained in order to climb the tower. Accept it all and move forward in the direction your feelings lead you.

We were on the edge of our seats throughout the entire episode. This was a very exciting and action-packed twenty three minutes. This episode incorporates most of the overarching themes and plot threads introduced in the series so far in an unexpectedly coherent way. We jump between a handful of different character groups within the episode, setting up an equal number of coinciding subplots. The “part one” titling of this episode is no accident, as it builds the anticipation for next week’s resolution to a handful of cliffhangers.

We get to see Yuri again, and the princesses have some great fashion sense: Yuri’s hairstyle, Anaak’s cute one piece dress, and Endorsi’s stubborn refusal to wear flats during battle. We like all of their designs quite a bit. Surprising no one, Yuri kicks her lackey off a cliff. We have to mention the creative monster designs as well. The unsettlingly asymmetric “bull” makes for a great horror movie monster.

It actually feels like there are real stakes and dangers in this test. The interference of the Kingdom and administrators has stacked the deck against our team, which raises the tension. One of the many cliffhangers of this episode is the test of Anaak and Endorsi’s budding relationship. Through their mutual friendship with Bam and company, the pair have stopped antagonizing each other and appear to be developing a friendly rivalry. Despite the high tension, we still get a handful of great comic relief moments to let us catch our breath, especially Shibisu’s encounter. It’s great to be reminded of why we care for these characters so much right before and after they are put in mortal peril.

Kevin continues to slay it with the soundtrack. We got some zesty vocals going on during the fight music, with vocals reminiscent of Made in Abyss’s “Underground River” track. 

Tower of God is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

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