INTERVIEW: Behind Tower of God with the Voice Acting Cast

Tower of God is currently one of the hottest shows of the spring 2020 anime season streaming on Crunchyroll. We got the opportunity to ask some questions to the cast of Tower of God including Ichikawa Taichi, the voice of Bam, Okamoto Nobuhiko, the voice of Khun, Miyaka Kenta, the voice of Rak, and Hayami Saori, the voice of Rachel.

Ichikawa Taichi, the voice of Bam

What drew you to Bam’s character, and if you hadn’t, what character were you originally going for?

The only role I auditioned for was Bam. I was drawn to Bam’s broad-minded capacity to risk his life for someone he loves over himself. I also believe his fragility that makes him seem as though he’d disappear if you took your eyes off of him is part of his charm.


Is this your first time working with Saori Hayami? If it is, what was it like working with her?

This is my first time working with Ms. Hayami. I thought her performance was very subtle. I was impressed by her brilliant portrayal of Rachel’s change between the first and second half.
Just as Rachel generally took the lead in conversations, I found myself being led by Ms. Hayami quite a bit.


There’s a strong likelihood that Bam will become very popular not just because of the fandom but because of the excellent adaptation of this series of what we’ve seen. How does that aspect feel? Intimidating, exciting?

Since this series has been loved by many for such a long time, I’m sure the readers have a solid image of the characters in their minds. I was uncertain how well I managed to portray Bam according to that image, and, of course, I was also excited to be working on a series receiving so much attention.


Tower of God is based on a popular webtoon. Were there any challenges in conveying the personality of Bam effectively in the anime?

The thing I struggled with most after reading the original work was preparing for Bam’s growth over the course of the story. At first he must be powerless and pitiful. I focused on that while preparing for the role.


Bam has a soft-toned and innocent voice. How did you convey the voice during the audition? Was it different when you began recording for the anime?

I was able to focus on his difference in tone between conversations with Rachel and conversations with others, as well as his kindness and innocence. His expressions seemed softer to me in the anime than the original work, so I’ve made him feel younger overall since the audition.


Okamoto Nobuhiko, the voice of Khun

How is it playing another co-protagonist character, Khun, who is a best friend with Bam, the protagonist?

Initially Khun is searching for powerful individuals, but he’s drawn to Bam’s innocence. I tried to portray a change in him in response to Bam.

Khun has a rather mysterious voice. What type of personality or impressions were you trying to convey for the character?

I tried to always be appraising whoever I was speaking to. I believed part of Khun’s charm was the way he’s always evaluating the usefulness of others, the strength of his opponents, and the situation.


Miyake Kenta, voice of Rak

Rak is a very blunt and straightforward character. How did you convey the voice during the audition? Was it different when you began recording for the anime?

At the time of the audition, I was only working with bits and pieces of information, so I did my best to create a powerful and fierce image. During recording for the first episode, I learned that he’s actually a very straightforward and good guy, so while retaining his roughness, he gradually transformed into a rather human character with an awkwardly kind streak compared to during the audition.


Rak seems like a very fun character to portray. Not much is revealed about him yet for the anime series. What should we look forward to in the show?

He’s simple and dynamic. He’s warmhearted and has a weakness for chocolate bars. I believe a certain type of “cuteness” is what viewers should be looking out for as well as being his charm.


How do you feel about alligators? What were your thoughts when you realized Rak is an alligator?

Speaking as Miyake Kenta, I really don’t like reptiles and amphibians… but I do have a certain fondness for Rak laughing with his giant alligator mouth.


Hayami Saori, the voice of Rachel

Your voice acting performances have an incredible range. You’ve done diabolic and fun, sarcastic and flirty, to downright heartbreaking performances. When changing between such drastic personalities in each character you voice, did you ever practice or make preparations to voice your characters such as Rachel this time?

First I read the original work and the script to develop an impression of Rachel inside myself. The biggest factor were the discussions I had about Rachel with the director and sound director at the recording studio. They wanted anime Rachel to express just the right amount of emotion with her voice in just the right way, so I was grateful to be able to discuss it with them thoroughly while performing.


When you’ve done so many different characters and personalities in your career, what aspect of Rachel stands out to you amongst all the other characters you’ve performed as?

She’s honest about her desires, internal conflict, and envy; the things inside ourselves that we pretend not to see. I found the way that she openly expresses all of that unique. However, depending on how it’s depicted, it’s possible that she may not seem that way. In any case, I think she’s depicted as expressing a variety of emotions.

Is this your first time working with Taichi Ichikawa? What was it like?

It’s my first time. During breaks he seems cheerful and friendly, but when he was standing in front of the mic, he transformed into the single-minded and passionate boy Bam. I believe that I was able to create this Rachel in part because I recorded with Mr. Ichikawa who plays Bam.

Crunchyroll is now streaming new episodes of Tower of God every Wednesday.

Thank you to Crunchyroll for the opportunity

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