Tower of God Episode 9 – The One-Horned Ogre (Review)

Bam is cornered into a tough situation while Endorsi has other plans… 

Crunchyroll describes episode 9 as:

“My plan worked.” With this declaration, Endorsi kicks her own teammate. What was the true intention of her plan to gather all the Fishermen in one location and see how the Ranker would act?

We get to see Team B try their best at fighting Quant. Despite his bad temper, he appears to stick to the rules and value fair play. You heard it here first, Quant is a Hufflepuff. This focus on trust makes him look like a competent test proctor despite his volatile nature and poor track record with previous tests. We see Quant’s hotheadedness and sense of morality interplay when he gets mad at members of Team B for betraying each other, even when that betrayal makes his task easier.

Even though greed, betrayal, and death are widely accepted as necessary evils of climbing the tower, there is a significant focus on the need for friends in order to succeed. Quant’s emphasis on fighting fair provides some hope that someone as purehearted as Bam can climb the tower after all. However, Bam’s resolve is tested as he is forced into some tough situations in this game. For the first time, he has to stand on his own without the help of Khun or Rak. Still, Bam remains determined to climb the tower for Rachel. 

The first selection test in the tower thrust our characters into a battle of life and death. The deaths of numerous hopeful climbers demonstrated the cutthroat and unforgiving nature of the tower, and yet not a single person has died since. The crown game wasn’t lethal, and the position tests for the fishermen were explicitly said to only give non-fatal injuries. The stakes were beginning to feel lower, until episode nine that is. Finally, somebody dies and re-emphasizes the dangers of the tower. 

The series’ pacing still feels a little disorienting at times, and this feeling was very apparent in this eventful episode. We’re thrown into a very brief character backstory, followed by multiple fights all over the play area, and we end with a jarring series of cuts between a somber monologue and an intense fight. 


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