Tower of God Episode 5 Review – The Crown’s Fate

In today’s episode of Tower of God, Rak hurts people, Bam becomes soup, and Khun’s bag is finally revealed to be an infinite chocolate bar dispenser!

Crunchyroll describes episode 5, The Crown’s Fate:

Bam’s team defends the crown from the looming Regulars.
As they charge into battle one after another, Bam is distracted by a lone girl.
The Regulars attack Bam, but…

Rak echoes our query that the bag has a seemingly infinite supply of chocolate bars. We discover Khun’s bag is half Dungeon of Dragon’s bag of holding and half a 3-D printer. It’s one of the best tools available for a schemer like Khun.

This is also our first time seeing Rak’s martial prowess. After four episodes of not really doing anything, he finally gets to let loose, beat some people up, and prove that he is not full of hot air, but is a capable and powerful fighter.

Rachel’s cold demeanor compared to her caring personality shown in episode one raises questions. But her very presence changes how Bam conducts himself. His actions this episode are in character, but that fact doesn’t make them any less foolish.

While the episode is filled with action and drama, Tower of God still manages to squeeze in some comedy during the last scene. Despite owning beautiful coffee making equipment, Han Sung Yu serves Lero Ro instant coffee in a Japanese-style tea cup. This kind of absurdity is amusing, and contrasts the scene’s heavier conversation topic. The interaction between the pair teaches us more about how the tower is run, and highlights possible friction between the individual administrators and the Tower as a whole. It opens the door for this friction to be exploited later on, and Lero Ro doesn’t seem to trust the other administrators.

Tower of God is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

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