Tower of God Episode 3 – Khun-san and The Correct Door!

We expect to see lots of Khun cosplays when conventions open up again after this pandemic. For now, we want more Rak! 

Crunchyroll describes episode 3, The Correct Door, as: 

When Test Director Hansung Yu announces the subject of the test, Rak throws a tantrum, and Bam calms him. Meanwhile, the gears in Khun’s head alone are turning. Second by second, time moves forward. What will they do?

Tower of God Episode 3 (via Crunchyroll)

We dive more into Khun’s background and learn why he operates in seemingly mysterious ways. As fun as the trope of the mysterious personality, you can get attached to Khun and understand his struggles. 

Rak cements himself as a lovable character not only through the comic relief he so often provides but also by showcasing the legitimate benefits of diving headfirst with brute force. With the color palette, lighting, and tone of the first episode, Tower of God presented itself as a more serious, darker show. However, the tone of the show has expanded to leave more room for comedy, which has changed our view on the show. Tower of God succeeds in doing both comedy and drama at the same time, as episode 3 demonstrates by frequently juxtaposing chibi art with the action and drama that we initially observed.

Tower of God Episode 3 (via Crunchyroll)

The “Red Door Test” featured in this episode is just as fun and exciting as the tests we’ve seen before. While the challenge is simple in hindsight, the excitement comes from watching each of the participants working out the puzzle in their own unique ways. The mind games and psychological aspects of these tests presented serve as a great vehicle for exploring Tower of God’s characters in a natural, engaging way. Tower of God manages to flesh out its characters without sacrificing any of the action.

The jazz song in the episode incorporates another genre into the soundtrack. It’s something brief we didn’t expect but wanted to point out. Even after three episodes, the soundtrack still has more to show us. 

Each episode of Tower of God so far has left us eager for more, and episode 3 ends on a particularly strong cliffhanger. It’s safe to say that we’re invested for the whole season at this point.

Tower of God is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

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