Crunchyroll, Viz Launch Mobile RPG Original Game “Grand Alliance”

Crunchyroll Games and Viz Media announced a brand new original mobile game, Grand Alliance, an anime-inspired RPG Brawler. The game will be available worldwide excluding East Asia and on both iOS and Android. Gaudium is developing the game. 

Early features include a mixture of real-time battle, PvP arena, skill equipment and customization. The trailer features anime-inspired artwork and characters. 

Crunchyroll Games describes the game as: 

“Grand Alliance” is a new anime-style RPG that takes place in an industrial age fantasy world at the brink of war. The Imperial family has been torn apart, and a tyrant traitor has taken over the once prosperous Alcyon Empire. The 5 noble houses that once served as an alliance now conspire against each other over power and control of the Spires, the source of powerful magic in the world. Your journey will follow the story of Amelia Ravensburg, the last true heir to the throne, and her closest allies in their journey to restore balance and return the land to its former glory.

Source: email correspondence 

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